Do you feel good about how your voice sounds?

Do people react well to the sound of your voice?

Do you want to maximize your pleasure and effectiveness in your spoken communication?

Your effectiveness as a communicator depends on what you say and how you sound when you say it.

Voice coaching is beneficial for everyone who uses her voice or his voice to communicate, and is especially beneficial for:

  • Public Speakers: Being a public speaker carries the responsibility of demonstrating respect for the time and attention of each person in your audience. Your preparation and ease of communication allow the persons in your audience to enjoy the experience of your public speaking. Having a coach to work with you is a way to maximize your preparation efficiency.
  • Podcasters: If you or your friends or loved ones do podcasting or other media, voice coaching can give them a boost in the competition for attention and the time of their listeners or viewers.
  • Broadcasters: As with podcasters, voice coaching can give broadcasters a boost in the competition for attention and the time of their listeners or viewers.
  • Salespersons
  • Teachers
  • Students
  • Performers
  • Customer Service Representatives
  • Business Executives: Do you sound like a leader? Does the sound of your voice give customers and employees confidence?
  • Lawyers: In what are often the tedious procedures of law and litigations, a resonant, well-modulated voice can be a welcome relief in the court room and in private with clients.
  • Doctors: Perhaps someday medical schools will put a high priority on doctors using their voices to relax and inspire their patients. Meanwhile, doctors can study the arts of communication to be better providers of healing.
  • Actors
  • Voice-over Artists
  • Storytellers
  • Presenters
  • Persuaders
  • Wives: Does stress or fatigue cause your voice to rise in pitch and become strident? A woman's voice can be one of her most attractive qualities.
  • Husbands: Does fatigue or thinking about something else give you a boring monotone with your beloved? A man's voice can be one his most attractive qualities.
  • Sweethearts: Dulcet tones or annoying speech detractors--which is more pleasurable for your sweetheart to listen to?
  • Mothers and Fathers: When mothers and fathers talk to their children, they are role models for pleasant and effective speech. Their children will learn speech habits from their parents. Parents can benefit from voice coaching in job-related and family-related situations.

etc., etc., etc.

Probably anyone who uses her voice or his voice for communication in business, family or social situations can benefit from voice coaching.

Now that we have the benefits of the Internet, Voice Coaching for Effective Communicators by Elena Haskins is available by telephone, email and the World Wide Web.

Convenient. Effective. Probably fun, too!


"Elena Haskins' voice coaching is great!

In just the first session Ms Haskins had me speaking in complete sentences and without all of the 'ahs' and 'you knows'.

I strongly recommend Elena Haskins' voice coaching for everyone interested in better Public Speaking."

Charles T Ellis, MD

"I retained Elena Haskins for the purpose of improving and expanding my speaking repertoire. I was impressed by her depth of knowledge and adroit delivery. Her friendly demeanor facilitated an ease of instruction and quick comprehension. By the third lesson I was speaking more fluidly and with increased dynamism. These abilities cannot be obtained by accident; they require assiduous effort and the managed solicitude of a professional instructor such as Elena Haskins.

The knowledge and skills that I have taken away from these lessons are a lifelong asset that will continue to pay dividends far into the future. Whether you intend to improve your speaking ability before large crowds or in the comfort of personal relationships, Elena can help you to speak with greater skill and facility. I highly recommend the voice coaching of Elena Haskins."

R. Jason Koehne

Question: How much does Voice Coaching cost?

Answer: Your one hour coaching session plus study materials sent by email costs $60, paid in advance.

Sessions to prepare you just before interviews or so you can utilize waiting times and breaks during meetings, etc. can be arranged in advance with a minimum charge of $30.

The cost of my telephone call to you is included in the session fee.

If you have a telephone plan that charges you for receiving a telephone call, you are responsible for any costs associated with receiving the session phone call.

Prepaid coaching sessions must be completed within 60 days.

Need A Special Gift?

Giving beneficial skills development instead of stuff is very thoughtful.

Voice Coaching For Effective Communicators by Elena Haskins coaching sessions are gifts that can benefit both giver and receiver.

When you give coaching sessions as a gift, you can enjoy the communication skills development of someone you care about.

Gift certificates for prepaid coaching sessions are available to be sent by email.

Sample gift certificates:

Gift certificates sent by regular mail are available for an extra charge. Please ask for details.

Question: How does this work?

Answer: You send an email to and let me know that you are interested in purchasing a voice coaching session. Please include your telephone number for faster response.

After we discuss your needs and my availability, you can purchase Voice Coaching For Effective Communicators by Elena Haskins sessions by using the PayPal address I will give to you.

If you prefer to pay by check in advance, please let me know and I will give you an appropriate mailing address to use.

Question: What happens in my coaching session?

During your first coaching session, we will discuss your voice and communication needs and wants, go through basic warm-ups, and begin improving your communication skills.

The content of subsequent sessions depends upon your skills development.

Question: How do I get my study materials?

Appropriate study materials will be sent to you via email.

After three sessions, if you so choose, you can be on my private email list for bonus practice materials and relevant article links.

Question: I have to do a presentation at a business meeting. Can I rehearse with you?

Answer: Yes. You can rehearse your presentation via telephone with me and/or send the presentation via sound or multimedia file for review and suggestions for improvement.

Question: I have to check in early and wait at the airport. Can I do my session while I'm waiting?

Answer: Yes. Whether you are waiting at the airport after checking in, enjoying a scenic view, or are otherwise in a situation that you want to make productive with skills development, voice coaching by telephone is very convenient.

Transition time can be transformed into productive time with voice coaching by telephone.

About Elena Haskins:

My voice coaching credentials include:

  • B.A. in Dramatic Art from the University of California at Berkeley
  • Performance experience in theater, radio, and video
  • Producer, director and narrator for corporate training videos, public radio series and audio theater
  • Voice coaching for private clients

Please feel free to come visit again...
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